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Palm Debuts First $99* Handheld – The Zire Handheld
Six years after pioneering the handheld market, Palm, Inc. today announced the Zire(TM) handheld, the most affordable and lightest-weight Palm(TM)-branded handheld — featuring classic, proven Palm functionality and an all-new design.

AMREL's New Rugged Android Handheld
AMREL, the premier rugged computer supplier, announced the launch of APEX AH53, a rugged Android Handheld with a 5.3" display.

TDS Releases the Recon Rugged Handheld Pocket PC
Tripod Data Systems a subsidiary of Trimble, today introduced its new TDS Recon rugged handheld computer that runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs.

Intel Transforms Handspring Visors Into Wireless Communication Tools
Intel Corporation today introduced the Xircom® SpringPort(TM) Wireless Ethernet module, the first wireless local area network (WLAN) device for the Handspring(TM) Visor(TM) handheld computer.

CipherLab Introduces Three Solutions To Replace Existing Mobile Computers
CipherLab, a leading innovator in Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) for the retail, warehouse and distribution markets, have expanded their long-standing Telxon replacement solutions with the introduction of the Windows Mobile Computer and Smart Phone replacement solutions.

After weeks of delay, Sony launches PlayStations in China
Sony Computer Entertainment released the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita handheld in China on Friday, about two months later than initially planned. With this, the battle kicked off between the Sony group's newest game systems and Microsoft's Xbox One, which debuted here last September. Roughly 100 shoppers lined up for the latest hardware at a directly run Sony store here. A total of 13 ...

Governator Bans Cell Phone Use in California
Although it can be sometimes difficult to discern what Ah-nold is telling us, the message this time around is quite clear. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has decreed that it is now illegal to use a cell phone, pager, laptop, or handheld computer while driving a vehicle.

Indian Doctors Warn of Gadget Addiction Consequences
As smartphones and other handheld devices are becoming more affordable, doctors say children who spend long hours playing video games are increasingly showing signs of postural deformities. Physical therapists warn that long-term consequences may be severe. Owaish Batliwala, 10, from Mumbai, India, admitted spending three to four hours each day playing games on his tablet computer. When he ...

Dell Announces new X3 Handheld and Digital Music MP3 Jukebox
Dell confirmed its entry into the consumer electronics category today, announcing the planned introduction of a series of Dell digital entertainment products including digital music players, an online music service and a sneak peek of the company’s next handheld, the Axim X3.

TETRA PDA from Motorola for disaster relief
With events like the crushing tsunami in Southeast Asia, the powerful earthquake in Pakistan, and the devastating hurricanes in the southern United States burnt into our memories, the need for the timely delivery of emergency information and services is paramount.